Kaimsasikun once shone in Bali, then they disappeared from the scene. But now they are back and committed to release one song on the 11th of every month.

For those of you dedicated to discovering cutting edge bands from Indonesia, the name Kaimsasikun should be familiar. This alternative pop band from Bali was formed in 1999, and after releasing their first single the video clip even charted on national TV stations. This single titled “Pria Dijajah Wanita” (Man Conquered by Woman) from their first album is often the only reminder of how Kaimsasikun was. Of course, I still think they had many songs that are much more interesting, but of course the pop track was released as their single.

Kaimasasikun was based out of Jakarta for a while, the whole band, but they didn’t find their hopes and dreams there. Mainly due to a lack of promotion and the fact that at the time the Indonesian public wasn’t ready for music and style, which was on the geeky side. It’s a shame for a band of their quality in the studio and live.

As a result, Kaimsasikun went on hiatus for a few years. Some of the members moved back to Bali and some stayed in Jakarta. But none of them stopped playing music. Ian (vocals, guitar) opened a recording studio and has since written a few hit songs which have been popularized by national pop stars. Sani (bass) has also been successfully writing  songs for mainstream pop artists. Pandu (guitar) has also been busy in the mainstream music industry; you can often find him performing with top music celebrities or working as a session player at Palu Studio in Jakarta, one of Indonesia’s top musical ‘hit factories’.

Their first drummer, Rendra, formed a new band, but still like to hang out with members of Kaimsasikun. They replaced Rendra with Mark, who two years ago left to Australia to learn to fly, literally, he is now a certified pilot. As coincidence would have it, the bands first logo was actually an illustration of an airplane, so Mark has taken their plane obsession into real life. Since Mark has been away, Rendra started recording drums with Kaimsasikun again.

Only one member of the band, Aldino, left the music scene completely. He is now focused on surfing and running his successful family business. Lately he has also been involved in creating videos and even did one music video for Kaimsasikun. There is no such thing as an ex-musician, there will always be some longing to make music again. So now Aldino is committed to be involved in Kaimsasikun’s unique new concept.

Euforia, ku hampa – Zat Kimia from Aldino Tayeb on Vimeo.

They continue to create. As a band, Kaimsasikun’s songs are innovative, exploring each member’s taste, skill and abilities.

Kaimsasikun is committed to release a new song on the eleventh of every month. Their songs can be streamed for free through the band’s Soundcloud account.

Half of the band is in Jakarta and half in Bali, but distance is not an issue for a band willing to utilize the Internet and digital recording technology to communicate. Producing songs, creativity and their love for music will not be hindered by the uncertainty of the music industry in Indonesia.

At this time, the music industry in Indonesia is out of ideas of what to sell, since RBT (ring back tone) sales have dropped. However, musicians following their ideals can be smart, follow the industry and continue to survive, and will shine all the brighter if they have the ability to put on a great live performance. These simple speculations are common conversation over coffee for non-mainstream musicians, the strange thing is they never bore of talking about it. Maybe the idea of ‘hope’ gives them some comfort and amusement.

Kaimsasikun has it all; talent, time and facilities. What more are they waiting fore? They know their music has to be released. And they don’t care if it’s not what the market wants, more importantly they enjoy the process of creating songs and the urgency of releasing those songs.

Kaimsasikun doesn’t have a clear reason for releasing songs on the eleventh of every month. But imagine, in a year they will already have enough material to release a full-length album. This method is clever, instead of rushing into the scene again and announcing their band is back together, they are patiently sharpening their intuition in producing songs. While building excitement and passion for long-time fans, such as myself.

There is a unique surprise for you to enjoy every 11th, the same as the meaning of their band name. Kaimsasikun means 11.

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