Indonesia faces a classic dilemma in the world of publishing. Over the past year 15,000 books have been published by 1,400 publishers, these numbers are relatively low for a population of 230 million.

Publishers struggle to exist in conditions where the cost of paper to print books and taxes continue to rise. They must carefully calculate the business end while choosing manuscripts for publishing. So it’s not surprising that we are experiencing a decline in the quality of literature published. Traditionally publishers enlighten and help to advance culture, this role must not be forgotten.

Have Indonesia’s publishers followed the path of blockbuster films in Hollywood, do they find it easier to publish manuscripts written by popular writers? Is there still a chance for new writers to break into the world of publishing, how? What can writers do to prepare themselves? It is important for writers to find the right publisher for their manuscripts.

All of this will be covered in the discussion this Wednesday night with Windy Ariestanty, author of Life Traveler. Windy has also published Tiara Lestari: Uncut Stories  Shit Happens: Gue Yang Ogah Kawin Kok Elo Yang Rese?!, Studying Abroad: Belajar Sambil Berpetualang di Negeri Orang. The discussion will not only be from a writer’s perspective, for Windy is also the editor in chief of GagasMedia and Bukune.


Discussion (Obral) 25 Januari 2012

Location: Danes Art Veranda, Jl Hayam Wuruk no 159 Denpasar

Time: 19.00 WITA

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